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steve's kitchen

slow roasted + smoked + grilled = BBQ DELIGHT

Closed for a while :)


Our meat is smoked using real wood and slowly cooked over charcoal, then crispy grilled.

Photos by steve and friends

My name’s Steve and I like to cook BBQ.  My friends tell me I’m really good at it. Last year I cooked my BBQ and sold it to the public. I'm doing it again this year. You should come to one of my events and try it.

And it turns out that it’s not just my friends who like my slow cooked and flame grilled meals.  Every time I’m down at the Belvedere, people come back with smiles on their faces and tell me they love what I cook.

I BBQ slowly, using charcoal and real chunks of wood. This makes it smoky and delicious tasting. I try to source local food as much as I can.  



077 4717 8787






Now closed for the winter


Call 077 4717 8787 from 11pm – 4pm on the day of the BBQ and we'll make sure there's enough for you.